16. nov. 2011

KnitPro - Symfonie Rose Cubics

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 KnitPro har sponset meg med noen av de nye pinnene "Cubic"
Det er firkantede strikkepinner laget i Symphonie Rose Wood.
Jeg synes de fungerer utmerket.
De er ikke bare pen,men det er også en fornøyelse å strikke med disse pinnene.
De kan virkelig anbefales!!!
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Det sies at mange som sliter med leddgikt eller har andre svakheter i hendene synes det er bedre å strikke på firkantete pinner.

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KnitPro ,  makes the most beautiful and functional knitting needles and crochet hooks. 
They are famous for their Symfonie Options interchangeable needle sets which are made of layered dyed birchwood. 
They are strong and beautiful to use, the point is not so sharp it makes your finger sore but slips beautifully into your stitches, they are just a pleasure to knit with . They're not just pretty!
They also make crochet hooks, short knitting needles and a great set of DPN’s for sock knitting from this same process 
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Cubics Double Pointed Needles .
These needles add an extra 'something' to my knitting enjoyment. 
They are easy to use, don't make your hands ache, are just the right length and give great stitch definition.I would reccommend them to everyone, especially sock knitters
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